Saturday, June 12, 2004

A1 EGYPT GUIDE:Your Guide for Travel to Egypt

A1 EGYPT GUIDE:Your Guide for Travel to Egypt: "Health Advisories
There are no vaccines required of visitors arriving from Australia, Europe or North America, and there are no major diseases that are commonly transmitted to visitors. Visitors will most likely encounter a mild case of diarrhea, sometimes called 'mummy's tummy,' during the first week, as the body adjusts to the new environment. The tap water in Cairo is generally considered safe because it's heavily chlorinated, but the chlorine can bother your stomach as your stomach is not accustomed to this level. Bottled water or prepackaged or boiled drinks is recommended instead. We also advise against eating food from street stalls and avoiding unwashed or unpeeled fruits and vegetables.
For more information, call the Centers for Disease Control International Traveler's Hotline (404-332-4559), Canada's Division of Health (613-957-8739), the Australian Traveler's Health Line (06-269-7815) or the U.K. 's Medical Advisory Service (0891-224-100). "


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