Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Friends to visit while in London, UK


Today I received an email from my friend Clark who lives in California with his wife Fiona. They are moving to London, UK this August and I emailed him today to see if we could visit them while we are in London, UK the first week of October. This is his email:

Greetings to you all from Northern California

Some of you may already have had wind of this, but just to make it

Fiona and I are moving back to the UK in mid-August! I have accepted a
lecturing position at Imperial College London in the Department of Civil
and Environmental Engineering, starting in September. We are giving up the
sunshine of California for the drizzle of South Kensington. We have sold
the house and booked our tickets for returning on August 18th.

Fiona is over in the UK at the moment for her Grandmother's 90th birthday
and will be spending a couple of days in London looking for somewhere for
us to live (other than a cardboard box in Hyde Park!). She also will have
an interview with Grosvenor to see if they are willing to allow her to
transfer to London. Although her boss over here is keen, London has made
no promises.

We have mixed feelings about leaving here (good things: sunshine, scenery,
west coasters; bad things: Dubya, other 'Mericuns) but the offer from ICL
was too good to turn down. After 10 years in consulting it is time to move
on and try and do something more useful than just making money for a large
American corporation.

We will keep you posted with developments.



Dr. Clark H. Fenton
Senior Seismic Geologist
URS Corporation
1333 Broadway, Suite 800
Oakland, CA 94612

tel. 510-874-1775
fax. 510-874-3268


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