Friday, October 08, 2004

Arrived safely in Cairo :)

We arrived at 12 mid night here last night. Cairo reminds David and I very much of Cuba..same temps.

The hotel is in a residential area far from the airport. The taxi ride here was quiet hairy. We saw many broken down cars along the way....thankfully we won't be driving here. :) The hotel is very simple (It reminds me of the hotel my brother and I stayed in in NYC a couple of years ago). The roof top patio is fabulous...we could see stars last night and the moon!!!! The hotel has a very powerful AC. David and I were freezing in our room last night. I guess we will leave the windows cracked open tonight..remember no screens here.

This morning while having breakfast, Austrailian tourists told us about the bombing in Egypt - far away from here (border of Isreal) - we'll avoid the area. We are safe.

I'll continue our blog from Paris and our last day in the UK some other time. We are going to take a taxi to the Nile and walk around to try to get our orientation. There are 5 internet cafes in our neighbourhood..this one was the only one open today (much faster than the connection in Cuba). I guess it is a day of prayer here today (we have to start reading our tour guide book soon!)

Cheers and hugs,

Veronica and David :)


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