Friday, October 01, 2004

Happy to be in the UK!!!!

Hello Everyone!

David and I arrived this morning at 9 am (4 am our time). We had a long line up in customs which was ok since our luggage was waiting for us when we were done. We decided to take the tube from the airport which took about 1.5 hours.

Our hotel is fantastic. Right beside Hyde park and close to everything we want to see. We went for a long walk today and saw Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and had fish and chips in a pub.

There are Mini's everywhere here and I spotted the first SMART car :)

Here's David:

Whew - we made it :-)

Our flight was really good (BA) - but we still needed a nap when we arrived. I would love to try those sleeper seat in first class - I bet you arrive very refreshed (or drunk) - maybe both :-)

It was a perfect day for a nice walk around London - seeing old places - finding new ones (like Internet at Burger King). They want £15 a day for highspeed internet - so we'll be sticking with the cafes. This once has a deal of a 5 day pass for £7 - gee - tough choice eh?

Speaking of Mini's - we went into the showroom - the £20,000 convertable looks nice - so hint - hint - if anybody wants to get me a little something for my birthday - red would be nice ;-)

We'll post some pictures - sometime!!!

Take care,



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