Friday, October 22, 2004

Hurghada Day 1 and 2

Yesterday David and I arrived at the 3 Corner's Empirer Hotel. It's a very nice resort hotel that reminds us of our time in Cuba. We have access to 2 pools at the hotel and access to the beach which is one block away.

Our room is HUGE!!! We have a sitting area with a single bed, then a large bedroom with another single bed and a queen size bed, a balcony, a closet area, and a bathroom. Very nice. We wish we could stay here for the duration of our vacation but we have been told that the hotel is totally booked. We can check again tomorrow morning for a vacancy. Fingers and Toes crossed. WE are not really worried since Hurghada is Egypt's fastest growing city and there are hotels everywhere.

Yesterday, David and I unpacked and then relaxed by the hotel pool. Then we went out to dinner with the group at a sea food restaurant. Unfortunately, the food was cold, service sucked and then they tried to over charge us for the food. I stood up and told them that it was not right and they corrected it.

Today we spent the day on the Red Sea snorkelling. It was wonderful to swim among all the beautiful coral and fish. We went to two locations. THe first - I was very nervous and had to get my swimmer's legs. Eventually we caught on! David and I went for 3 swims at the first location. Then after a delicious lunch on board (food aways tastes better outside) we went to the second site that they use for night diving. There were many more little fish here. We were in the water her for 35 minutes straight and then we had to come in because it was after 4pm.

We got back to the hotel to change and shower. Now we are on the internet before we meet our group for the last time for dinner tonight. The group leaves for Cairo tonight at 2:30 am. Their wake up call is 1 am. I'm happy that we are not leaving tonight. It will be nice to stay here and chill out for a few days. We especially would like to snorkel again and hang out at the beach from where we launched.

We are in our Large hotel room for tonight and if we have to move, we have until tomorrow at noon to find our next hotel. (Like I said, we are not worried about finding something).

We will keep you posted.


Veronica and David :)


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