Monday, October 04, 2004

Museum Day

Today was our Museum day. We got up early to meet our walking tour guide at 11 am to tour the British Museum. The tour was two our long and the tour guide was fantastic. The building itself is very impressive. When you enter, you immediately see a huge hall with glass ceiling. After telling us about the history of the museum and the person who donated the first collections, our tour guide showed us was the Rosetta Stone. It was larger than I could imagine. I've seen the replica several times at the ROM in TO. It's amazing how the enscription has survived all these years. David had lots of fun taking tonnes of photos. Then she showed us Artifacts from Greece, one of the oldest blown glass vase in existance, and a British boat that was found at a burial site dated 105 AD. After the tour we went to see Mummy - the inside story. It was a 40 minute presentation of a CAT scan of a mummy that was found 150 years ago. It was very interesting and entertaining. After the show, you could see the mummy on display. The 'funny' thing about this mummy was that when the mummy was being prepared the workers accidently left a small clay dish to catch the excess resin and it was glued to the mummy's head. To cover up their mistake, they wrapped the head of the mummy and included the dish since they could not remove it.

After the show we were all museumed we headed to Harrid's for coffee, and to wonder around the store. It is a huge and beautiful store with theme rooms like the Egyptian room. They have many rooms that sell food, perfume, clothing, luggage, pet supplies and pets, christmas decorations..the list goes on and on. David and I found a travel alarm clock that we needed (we are BIG shoppers ;)...). We also found a Krispy Creme store for a quick snack. :) Tomorrow we are going to Paris for the day :)

Our train leaves at 7am (2am your time!) We will write more on Wed.

David posted pictures from our trip so far. Enjoy!!!

David and Veronica

PS - Sorry for all the extra posts - let's just say that all Internet Cafes are not created equal :-(


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