Thursday, October 07, 2004


Check out our photos of Paris

This is a very early morning for us! We got up at 5 am to catch the 7am train to Paris. We made it to the train station in excellent time. We were able to grab a bagel/egg sandwich for breakfast and we had time to relax before taking our seats on the train.

As I'm writting this (from my journal), we are heading out of London, UK. David said that we are one hour from the chunnel - VERY cool! The train is very quiet and we are traveling very quickly.

The trainstation is very clean and large. David was right when he said that Canada does not know how to "do trains like the Brits"! It would be so nice if train stations in Canada were like this. It looks like an airport, with shops, lots of choices for food and drink etc. Everything is very clean and spacious. As soon as David dropped some trash on a chair, someone came by to pick it up :O)

(I'll write more tonight after our day in Paris.)

The train ride to Paris was very relaxing. Both David and I had a good nap. The train was especially quiet and smooth. Nothing like VIA One back home.

When we arrived in Paris - the train station was huge. The people at the information desk were able to tell us how to buy a subway ticket that would take us downtown to Notre Dame Catheldral. THe people on the subway were also very helpful. At one point three people were trying to help us at once. We decided to get off at the Cite subway station and investigate Notre Dame Cathedral. The cost of the tour was 6 Eurols to climb to the top and see the city from above. There were 422 steps to climb to the top. Thankfully the stone stairs were in a very narrow passage - perfect for me who is terrified of heights. The staircase was one big, long spiral to the top. The stairs were well warn and David noticed that they were even resurfaced. David had to watch for the low ceilings on the way up.

When we popped out - we saw a fantastic view of Paris with many gargoils (sp?) everywhere. They seemed to be such a contrast to the church they were protecting. David had a blast taking amazing photos of these characters. My two favorite were - one that looked like it was eating something and another with it's head resting on it's hand..looking over the city below. I was gratful for the wide pathways all along the top of the cathedral.

After the main level, we went up to the top of one of the towers to take more pictures. This height bothered me alittle more than the lower level. Finally we walked all the way down. We are lucky that we both have good knees. Inside the cathedral we saw beautiful stain glass windows. Unfortunately, only 2 of the photos David took turned out. The ceiling of the cathedral was black with soot. We both lit candles at one of the many prayer stations - one for my Dad and one for Barb - David's sister.

From the Cathedral we found lunch at a local pub some distance into the downtown area.....

(I'll continue our day in Paris in the next blog posting! We have to return to our hotel now and pack for our trip to Cairo this afternoon. We can't wait to see the pyramids!!!!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of Paris.......they look really wonderful....I was thinking about you gusy this morning and the bombings.....glad to hear that you are safe and having a great time.....keep safe....

October 8, 2004 at 8:52 AM  

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