Monday, October 04, 2004

Photos and Journal from London

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Yesterday we didn't have a chance to connect to the internet - we're sorry. We decided to have a 'take it easy' day. We left the hotel around 9 am and walked across Hyde park. It was a beautiful morning and we found a cafe to eat breakfast beside a pond. There were runners participating in a race and lots of locals walking their dogs. We were missing Sadie very much after we saw a few Boarder Collies. :)

Then we walked across the rest of Hyde park to pick up our Hop ON/ Hop Off tour buss to Embarkment Pier to go on a river tour of the Thames. We decided to go on a circular tour where we didn't need to hop on and off. David took photos of Parliament from the river, the London Eye, and the London Tour Bridge. After the boat tour we thought we would like to go on the Eye of London - a huge firris wheel where each car holds 25 people. The ride is about half an hour. After walking across the pedestrian bridge we were too hungry to stand in line. We found a very nice restaurant near the London Eye to eat lunch. David had a delicious Feta wrap and I had a Pastromie sandwich, salad, and fries. (I'm finding London on the whole very expensive!) . Unfortunately, it was raining very hard when we left the restaurant - so we decided to head back to the hotel for a nap before meeting David friend Bret for dinner.

We met Bret and his girlfriend Melanie at an old English pub called the Victoria very close to our hotel. David worked with Bret when he worked for the Bank in Bermuda over 5 years ago. The pub had a fireplace, delicious nachos and cidar. After we went to the Persian restaurant next store where we had lamb, rice, humus, delicious home made bread and tabulie. Melanie and Bret are very friendly and told us a great deal about living in London. Melanie surprised us by saying that she was originally from Montreal. She has developed a British accent since moving here 14 years ago. They will be visiting Melanie's family in Toronto this Christmas so we hope to see them again soon.

On the way home (very late), David and I stopped in a local pub for a pint ( well, half a pint for me!)

Cheers, Veronica (& David)


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