Sunday, November 07, 2004

Day 2 – Melodie – October 18th

We woke to see the locks Melodie going through the locks. We spend the morning relaxing and typing in journal entries into a word document so that we could post them when we are in Luxor. We had Lunch with the group on the ship and arrived in Luxor. Our group met at 2 pm so that Sandra (our tour leader) could give us a briefing about Luxor and what we will do in Luxor over the next 2 days.

After the briefing David and I had a good afternoon nap before joining the group for a walking tour of Luxor at 4 pm. Sandra pointed out our hotel, the local and tourist bazaar, good restaurants to try, the Luxor temple (right in the middle of Luxor), an internet café, and bank machine. We left the group to find the internet café where David posted our blogs. We met our Australian friends Kathy and Bruce at the internet café and had a coffee with them. I’ve been drinking a fruit tea called Cacadae which is a fruit tea that is served cold.

We went back to the Melodie to enjoy dinner with the group and then to watch some dancers that Imaginative Traveler had arranged to have on the ship for entertainment that night. The dance show was not very long. There was a girl who did belly dancing that got some of our group up to dance with her. There was also a guy who did a traditional dance from Turkey where is twirled endlessly for over 10 minutes in a very large, very colorful skirt. David had fun taking many pictures of both the dancers.

Soon it was time to return to our cabin to pack to leave Melodie tomorrow morning. :-(


Anonymous Robert Miller said...

If you can, get Brian as your tour leader. He is a nervous little English guy and loves the Stella beer.
We were on the tour in Jan-Feb of 2007

September 3, 2007 at 10:28 AM  

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