Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hurghada Day 1 – October 22

We got up early and had breakfast with the group at the hotel in Hurghada. David and I both had an omelet. Then the group walked to the Dive Shop where we took a van to the boat. We got our snorkeling gear and boarded the boat. It took an hour for us to arrive at the first snorkeling site. We got our gear on and dove in. The water was very warm and very salty, which made it easy to float in. I had a few moments of panic when I realized I could not breath through my nose. After I learned to relax – holding David’s hand – I really enjoyed looking at the brightly colored coral, blue mouth clams, very large fish with bright blue stripe, big black spikey fish sleeping in the coral, and many schools of fish. I came across a yellow and black fish that appeared to be sleeping in the coral. David and I went back on the boat for a little break and then went out again for another 40 minutes before lunch. The second time was much more relaxing and I could really enjoy myself. For lunch we had pasta, a vegetable dish, fries, chicken, and coke. After relaxing a little longer on the boat, David and I went in again for a third time at the same site. The other David from London, had obviously done this before since he was the only one to swim very far from the boat and investigate most of the coral. I was happy to stay very close to the boat since I’m not a very strong swimmer.

When everyone got back into the boat, they took us to a second snorkeling site. This site was where this company took people for night dives because it was very shallow and people could not get into too much trouble. This site was incredible to watch fish. David and I jumped in and stayed in for 35 minutes straight. Later, David told me that the number of fish we saw may have been because it was close to sun set and that was when all the fist come out to feed. We saw many more fish at this second site. It was fun to float and enjoy the fish zooming in and out of the coral. David looked up and said to me “Look how far we are from the boat – I think we should turn back!” So we made our way back to the boat. Everyone got back on the boat and we headed into shore for dinner. Exhausted, sun baked, and relaxed we returned our gear and walked back to the hotel.

Since tonight was the last night for our group to be together, we ate at the Hotel buffet. The group was leaving Hurghada at 1:30 am to return to Cairo, while David and I were staying in Hurghada for 4 days to relax. :-) After dinner, Sandra (our tour guide) arranged for David and I to meet with the Imaginative Traveler representative in Hurghada to arrange for our last 4 days in Hurghada. At 8 pm we met with Ramadan and he told us that it was unlikely that we could stay in the hotel and that we should pack up and be ready to check out tomorrow afternoon. He said he would call us tomorrow to tell us if we could stay in the hotel or not. If we could not stay at the Three Corner Hotel, he would help us find other accommodation in Hurghada. He suggested that he transfer us to a 3 star hotel and both David and I didn’t like the sound of that. We told him that we wanted to relax and wanted to stay at a 4 star hotel or 5 star hotel.

After we met the group for ice cream and said our good byes. Most of them wanted to get back to the room to have a nap before their 1 am wake up call. David and I are very happy that we are staying in Hurghada and relaxing instead of returning to Cairo. Several people in our group wanted to return to Cairo to see the pyramids again and to go to the step pyramids which David and I saw on our own.


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