Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The original psychic ghost walk

The original psychic ghost walk - printout page: "Twilight creeps through the narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards. It's gnarled fingers unlock ancient secrets of dark deeds that lie entombed behind crumbling walls. It whispers into the shadowy recesses of a forgotten part of London, disturbing the sleep of the long departed, and the city of the dead stirs once more into ghostly life."

While in London - Ghost walk!!!


It would be nice to do this one evening in London after dinner.


Friends to visit while in London, UK


Today I received an email from my friend Clark who lives in California with his wife Fiona. They are moving to London, UK this August and I emailed him today to see if we could visit them while we are in London, UK the first week of October. This is his email:

Greetings to you all from Northern California

Some of you may already have had wind of this, but just to make it

Fiona and I are moving back to the UK in mid-August! I have accepted a
lecturing position at Imperial College London in the Department of Civil
and Environmental Engineering, starting in September. We are giving up the
sunshine of California for the drizzle of South Kensington. We have sold
the house and booked our tickets for returning on August 18th.

Fiona is over in the UK at the moment for her Grandmother's 90th birthday
and will be spending a couple of days in London looking for somewhere for
us to live (other than a cardboard box in Hyde Park!). She also will have
an interview with Grosvenor to see if they are willing to allow her to
transfer to London. Although her boss over here is keen, London has made
no promises.

We have mixed feelings about leaving here (good things: sunshine, scenery,
west coasters; bad things: Dubya, other 'Mericuns) but the offer from ICL
was too good to turn down. After 10 years in consulting it is time to move
on and try and do something more useful than just making money for a large
American corporation.

We will keep you posted with developments.



Dr. Clark H. Fenton
Senior Seismic Geologist
URS Corporation
1333 Broadway, Suite 800
Oakland, CA 94612

tel. 510-874-1775
fax. 510-874-3268

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

London web sites

David found these AWESOME web sites this morning and I thought our blog would be a great place to keep track of them....



Also, just in case we would like to create our own London/Egypt 2004 t-shirts:


Veronica :0)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Kathleen's and Arthur's Packing list

Kathleen sent us her packing list for their trip to New Zealand/Australia a little over a year ago:

New Zealand and Australia Trip 2002/2003
Packing List Acquired Packed
SunscreenFirst aid kit
Guide books Gauze
Mind Trap cards Sports wrap
Deck of cards Polysporin
Binoculars Zinc Oxide
Toothbrushes x4 Tape
Water bottles x4 Children's Tylonol
Adult Tylonol
Voltage conversion kit Benidrill
Canada Direct Numbers Thermometer
Night lights x2 Band-Aids
Sunglasses x4 Adult Gravol
Duct Tape Kids Gravol
Combination locks x3 Ice Pack
Spare batteries Kids Decongestants
Battery charger Antiseptic Spray
Sand toys Matches
K's folding spade Kaopectate
Travel alarm clock Tylonol Suppositories
Gum & snacks Nailclippers
Shampoo Mouthaid
3 small flashlights Q-tips
Pad and pens Antiseptic Wipes

Sewing kit
Duffle Bag
Soap & container
Whistle x2
Travellers Clothes Line
Watches x4
G2 Lifejacket
Bug Repellent
Accommodation confirmations
Combined Itinerary

Credit cards
Birth certificate
copy of passport
Bathing suit
Mask, fins & snorkel
Quick dry underwear x 2
Bra x 2
Quick dry shorts x 3
Beach wrap
Quick dry shirts x 3
Quick dry socks x 1
Night clothes
Hip pack
Rain Gear
Running shoes
Sandals/beach shoes
Contacts + Spare pair + Contact solution
Gold earrings
Hand Lotion
Face Moisturizer, Clenser, & Toner
Pads x2
K's foot paddle

Dive computer
Palm pilot & GPS
Credit cards
Birth certificate
copy of passport
Good walking boots
Dive book
A's drugs
Bathing suit
Mask, fins & snorkel Need Snorkel
Quick dry underwear x 2 $16 MEC
Quick dry shorts x 2
Zip Pants
Quick dry shirts x 3
Quick dry socks x 1
Night clothes
Rain Gear
Saddles/beach shoes
A's ankle brace
Black day pack
Add them up printouts
Swiss Army Knife
Dive Drops
Copy of Perscription

Birth certificate
copy of passport

Bathing suit
School work
Mask, fins & snorkel Needs fins
Quick dry underwear x 3
Quick dry shorts x 2
Zip Pants
Quick dry shirts x 3
Quick dry socks x 3
Night clothes
Rain Gear
Running shoes
Beach/beach shoes
Books (4th Harry Potter)
Plastic sheet and pillow cover
Track Pants

Birth certificate
copy of passport

Bathing suit
School work
Mask, fins & snorkel Needs fins
Quick dry underwear x 3
Quick dry shorts x 2
Zip Pants
Quick dry shirts x 3
Quick dry socks x 3
Night clothes
Rain Gear
Running shoes
Sandals/beach shoes
Track Pants

Mail From Glenview Travel

Yesterday I received receipts from Nicole (our FABULOUS travel agent) along with a brochure about Egypt.

She emailed me today to say that the dossier" from Trek is on it's way to our homes. :)

We are on OUR WAY!! WOOHOO!!!! :)


Travel Clinics in Ottawa

Yesterday I visited my doctor and asked her for travel clinics in Ottawa where we could get our shots. Here are the names and phone numbers. The third number is the travel clinic that is open on Saturdays near Billingsbridge. My doctor suggested that we make an appointment instead of dropping in.

733-5553 Dr. Teitelbaum (my doctor when I lived in Ottawa before Fredericton)
238-5963 Dr. Lore Weiner
523-7440 Medical Care Clinic on Bank near Billingsbridge


P.s. I bought the same pants as David on Saturday in beige along with black skirt/shorts. They are very light weight and repell water very easily :)

Traveling with one bag!!!

One Bag (all about packing, luggage, and travelling light) There's no question: overpacking easily heads the list of biggest travel mistakes. Thus this Web site, offering exhaustive (some might say exhausting) detail on the art of travelling light, living for an indefinite period of time out of a single (carry-on-sized) bag.

Monday, June 21, 2004

MEC Walkabout TravelPack - Mountain Equipment Co-op

V and I went to Mountian Equipment Co-op shopping this weekend for a few items for our trip.

I picked up a new "convertible backpack" - it has a daypack that zips off for keeping things like your laptop and cell phone in it.

Then I picked up the pants that are "standard issue" for travel - these are the pants that have zippers on the legs to convert them to shorts.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Location of Debbie Bliss products in the UK

I just found out that Debbie Bliss' store (one of my favorite knitting designer's) store has closed in the UK! :( I emailed the contact on the Debbie Bliss web page and found a store in the centre of England where I can find all her products. Here is the location of the store!


Unit 8-10 Newbridge Industrial Estate,
Pitt Street,
West Yorkshire BD21 4PQ

Tel: +44 01535 664222
Fax: +44 01535 664333
e-mail: jane@designeryarns.uk.com
Web: www.desyarns.co.uk


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Excitted about our NEW Adventure


I'm SO excitted that we are purchasing our tickets today. This is a dream trip that I've been dreaming about for 16 years...to be in Africa!!



Trip booked - Glenview Travel

WOW - what an adventure booking a trip turned out to be. You'd think that booking a trip to Egypt (one of the most common tourist places in the world) would be pretty simple. But oh no - we ran into the following problems....

* An agent who wanted copies of all our ID and both sides of our charge cards - ouch
* One who sent us a nice itinerary - but for another country
* One who takes about a week to return emails.

Finally we found Nichole - life is good now.

Glenview Travel

Monday, June 14, 2004

Imaginative Traveller Online | Africa adventures

Imaginative Traveller Online | Africa adventures: "Consistently one of our most popular trips, everyone will discover their own favourite part. It might be riding donkeys through the fields of Upper Egypt to the Valley of the Kings, snorkelling the Red Sea coral gardens, discovering the islands of Aswan or spending three wonderfully relaxing days aboard MS Amy"

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Blue Evileyes Glass Beads Evil Eye ...turkishgiftbazaar.com

My sister Stephanie wants me to pick up some of these for her in Egypt.

Blue Evileyes Glass Beads Evil Eye ...turkishgiftbazaar.com: "Turkish Polyester Evil Eye Beads
Good-Luck Charm"

Saturday, June 12, 2004

A1 EGYPT GUIDE:Your Guide for Travel to Egypt

A1 EGYPT GUIDE:Your Guide for Travel to Egypt: "Health Advisories
There are no vaccines required of visitors arriving from Australia, Europe or North America, and there are no major diseases that are commonly transmitted to visitors. Visitors will most likely encounter a mild case of diarrhea, sometimes called 'mummy's tummy,' during the first week, as the body adjusts to the new environment. The tap water in Cairo is generally considered safe because it's heavily chlorinated, but the chlorine can bother your stomach as your stomach is not accustomed to this level. Bottled water or prepackaged or boiled drinks is recommended instead. We also advise against eating food from street stalls and avoiding unwashed or unpeeled fruits and vegetables.
For more information, call the Centers for Disease Control International Traveler's Hotline (404-332-4559), Canada's Division of Health (613-957-8739), the Australian Traveler's Health Line (06-269-7815) or the U.K. 's Medical Advisory Service (0891-224-100). "

CDC Travelers' Health - Health Information for Travelers to North Africa

Because motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injury among travelers, walk and drive defensively. Avoid nighttime travel if possible and always use seat belts.

CDC Travelers' Health - Health Information for Travelers to North Africa: "Because motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injury among travelers, walk and drive defensively. Avoid nighttime travel if possible and always use seat belts."

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Luxor and Vegas

It was amazing to see the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas the same year that I'm going to Egypt. I was pretty impressed with the hotel - I wonder what I'll think of the real Egypt?

Luxor Las Vegas

Monday, June 07, 2004

The "Perfect" Itinerary

WOW - after months of searching we found what we thought was a really good itinerary. It had lots of time in all the places we wanted to go. The quality of the hotels looked excellent - and you have the option of changing part of the ternary.

Sadly the company had this "weird" policy where we had to fax them copies of our driver’s license and charge cards (both sides). We decided this was too much of a security risk - too easy to steal our identity.

Day 1 - Arrival:
Airport meet and greet, assist with visa and customs. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 2 - Cairo: A day of sightseeing:(B,L,D)
The great Pyramids of Giza - the Sphinx and Valley Temple.
Evening Nile Dinner Cruise.

Day 3 - Cairo: Second day of sightseeing in Cairo:(B,L,D)
Islamic Cairo - the Citadel, Alabaster Mosque and Palace - The Khan El Khalili Bazaar.
Coptic Cairo - see some of the oldest churches in Christianity - Overnight sleeper train to Aswan. (option for flight).

Day 4 – Aswan – Abu Simbul (B,L,D)
Trip to Abu Simbul by plane to see the great temple of Ramses and Queen Nefertari.
Check into the Nile Cruise

Day 5 –Aswan: (B,L,D) Sightseeing in Aswan.
The High Dam - a modern wonder built to prevent Nile flooding.
Philae temple of Isis goddess of Love and Motherhood.
Sail on a Felucca/Launch to Kitchener Botanical gardens, Sail past the Agha Khan Mausoleum.
Visit a genuine Nubian Village, sample their bread and see their local crafts.

Day 6 – Nile Cruise: (B,L,D)
Relax while sailing after lunch towards Luxor. 2 stops to visit Kom Ombo & Edfu temples.

Day 7– Luxor: (B,L,D)
Valley of the Kings (3 tombs).
Temple of Queen Hatshipsuit.
The Colossi of Memnon.

Day 8 - Luxor: (B,L) (early morning option for Tomb of Nefertari).
Early morning Camel ride to the village of Gourna. Visit the Luxor and Karnak Temples.
This Evening see Sound and Light show at Karnak temple. Check in your hotel in Luxor.

Day 9 - Luxor - Dandarah (B,L)
Visit the Dandarah temple of Hathor, Goddess of love and music in Ancient Egypt.
Day Cruise or Road depending on availability - Back to hotel for last night in Luxor.

Day 10 - Luxor - Hurghada: Drive to Hurghada (4 hours drive).(B)
After breakfast we will travel to Hurghada by air-conditioned vehicle. The rest of day is free at leisure.

Day 11/12- Hurghada: Red Sea resort with water sports (B)
Free at leisure in Hurghada.
Options for Diving, Scuba, snorkeling & Safari tours are available upon request.

Day 13 - Hurghada – Sharm El Sheik (B)
Morning transfer by Ferry to Sharm El Sheik (approx 1-2 hours)
Transfer to Hotel. Rest of day at leisure.

Day 14/15 – Sharm El Sheik (B)
Free at leisure in Sharm El Sheik.
Options for Diving, Scuba, snorkeling & Safari tours are available upon request.

Day 16- Sharm – St. Catherine’s (B,D).
Travel to St. Catherine’s (3 hours drive) Check in our hotel for dinner and an early rest for those wanting to climb Mount Sinai to see the sunrise. Climb Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Day 17 – St. Catherine’s – Cairo (B)
Visit the famous Monastery of St. Catherine's. Drive back to Cairo via Ismailia or through the tunnel under the Suez Canal with stops at some biblical, military historical places along the road. Transfer to Hotel.

Day 18 – Cairo (B,L)
Morning at leisure, meet for lunch and afternoon visit to Egyptian Museum.
Evening sound and light show at Giza.

Day 19 – Cairo - Alexandria: (B,L)
Royal Park and Palace of Montazah, The Roman amphitheatre, The Catacombs. View the Alexandria library.
Lunch in seafood restaurant. Visit one of the oldest monasteries in the world at Wadi Natron before returning to Cairo.

Day 20- Cairo: Sakkara & Memphis (B,L)
Sakkara - the Step Pyramid of Zoser and surrounding complex of tombs.
Memphis the ancient capital - statue of Ramses II and Alabaster Sphinx.
Stop at a carpet school on your return journey to witness the beautiful silk carpets and woven wall-hangings made by the children.

Day 21- Cairo - Home: (B)
Airport transfer for safe international departure home.

Travel Show

This Winter we went to the Ottawa Travel show and met lots of tour operators.

We also met a person from the Egypt Tour Authority who told us all about Egypt - and said we should spend several days in Luxor.

Travel Show

What an Idea - go to Egypt

When Veronica and I started dating one of the first things she said was "that she wanted to go to Egypt this year". It doesn't take much research on the Internet to find out that Egypt is one fascinating place - so I was game to go. We tentatively planned on going in the fall of 2004.